. Aloe propolis cream is a skin cream with a thick texture and has been formulated for offering relief from debilitating symptoms of seasonal dryness, eczema and psoriasis. As the name of the product suggest, its two primary ingredients are propolis and aloe vera. We all know how beneficial aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice can be for our skin; and skin care professionals around the globe talk about propolis’ ability of inhibiting growth of some bacteria, which can worsen the symptoms of skin infections. These features of propolis and aloe make the combination of these two ingredients a perfect remedy for several skin conditions. If you apply the cream regularly onto your diseased skin, within a very short period of time, you will find your skin getting healthier and smoother and experience significant decrease in redness and itchiness.

Although primarily meant for killing symptoms of skin problems like psoriasis and eczema, aloe propolis cream is also useful as a remedy for not-so-serious surface injuries of the skin, for instance, cuts or scrapes. While propolis create a thin protective layer preventing further damage to these minor skin injuries (this is possible due to the antibacterial properties of propolis), aloe offer a soothing effect reliving pain and irritation. If you treat a skin infection or injury using this cream, you can expect the following: quick healing, reduced chance of scarring and of course less pain.

Aloe propolis cream also contains vitamins A and E and lanolin. These nutrients together hydrate our skin and make them appear healthier. Vitamins A and E are instrumental in reducing skin dullness and fight almost all signs of skin ageing. Lanolin, on the other hand, plays the role of a humectant and helps our skin in retaining its suppleness. This quality of lanolin makes this cream a great product for individuals suffering from excessive dryness of skin. Others can use it regularly when the weather is cold; this will assist them in preventing drying of skin due to decrease in temperature of the surroundings.

The aloe present in the product plays the role of a skin regenerator. It promotes natural skin regeneration by accelerating the process of growth of new cells. The amount of aloe vera present in the cream might vary from one brand to another. The Forever Living product contains propolis and aloe in perfect proportion to offer maximum skin care benefits to the users; you can use it as a moisturiser, for skin conditioning and also for getting rid of itchiness in your skin. The Forever Living Aloe Propolis Cream is made using bee propolis and stabilised aloe vera gel; both are high quality ingredients and thus are capable of making your diseased skin healthy and supple quickly.